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Lisa, you really hit it out of the park yesterday!!! You gave one of the best services and workshops we’ve ever had. We so appreciate the generous personal coaching time you shared with people after the seminar. Can’t wait to have you back. We love you!

Becky Wilborn
Director of the Center
for Spiritual Living Rockland

Lisa’s depth and understanding of Science of Mind teachings has been extremely impressive.  She has the ability to incorporate her every day experiences into the teaching along with  providing great lessons on how to apply Science of Mind and her very own This or Better Seminar teachings on a daily basis.  Everyone at our Center falls in love with her animated enthusiasm and wisdom when she is our guest speaker.  We so appreciate her willingness to stay and pray with all the people who have asked for an affirmative prayer treatment.  She has even cooked for us when her lesson involved eggplant and her cooking is as good as her talks!  I am so thankful our paths have crossed and she has become one of my teachers….Blessings & Love.

Vicki Fiarman
Director of Production
Ogilvy Medical Marketing

Are you feeling stuck in a life that is just not going anywhere? Are you ready to bridge the gap and reach for something new and wonderfully BETTER?

If so, then the THIS OR BETTER program is for you! It’s all about helping you to REACH for and obtain your desires: reaching in the sense that you are taking steps towards the fulfillment of your dreams and reaching in the sense of getting to your destination - a destination of a daily state of being and doing what nourishes your purpose and passion in life.

In my FREE 5 Steps to a Better Life Toolkit! you will:

  • Review and recognize your current beliefs, desires, expectations.
  • Establish what’s working and what’s not in your life. Then, establish new beliefs, strategies, and plans.
  • Act based upon your new beliefs!
  • Caring for yourself is the ultimate step towards making deposits into your personal energetic bank account!
  • Harness faith in your life’s purpose and actions!

So let’s get cooking and please sign up in the box at the top right to receive my FREE 5 Steps to a Better Life Toolkit! for some simple and powerful ways in which to transform your THIS into BETTER.

Better Wishes!